Our History


Our Origins
Millpool Hill Church has been serving the local community for many years, in that time ministers and congregational members have played their unique part in our history. Today, the church founded on evangelical truth and established through the commitment of men and women, is thriving and still playing its vital part in serving the community and proclaiming the Good News of Salvation through Christ. The extract below, taken from the Millpool Hill church publication advertising the church’s 21st anniversary services in 1960 describes our early days…

On Saturday the 2nd July, 1939, Gospel services which commenced in the room previously used as a social club on the Alcester Road South opposite Sladepool Farm Road. At this time the clouds of war were hovering over the nation and we as a band of young preachers felt that we had a message of hope for men and women of every walk of life. Despite the hazards and difficulties of the years that followed,  we carried on preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, which we knew could change the hearts of men and which in our experience had brought to us a new hope of peace with God… we will continue by God’s grace to preach this message of love and hope we pray that men will accept and believe in him who alone can bring eternal peace.


Our Building 
Christians believe that it is Jesus Christ who builds his “Church”, not out of bricks and mortar but rather out of the lives of men, women and children that come to love and serve him through faith. However in 1946 the Millpool congregation had a vision for their own building and so under the leadership of Pastor Leslie Mantle they worked together in constructing a new church building on the site where the old recreation hall was situated at Millpool Hill.

A church with a mission’s heart, Millpool Hill church has a long established record of having a heart for people and a desire to share the Good News of God’s love to all men both near and far. Things are certainly done differently today than how they were done in the past, however today’s congregation is thankful and inspired by the missionary example of and endeavors of our forefathers. One particular couple John and Ruth Emmett, have left an indelible mark upon our history. The extract below, taken from the Millpool Hill Church publication advertising the church’s 21st anniversary services…

Called by God to work for Him in the Belgian Congo, John and Ruth Emmett left their native England in 1948 to sail for central Africa and missionary work in the Congo Else. After only seven months working with senior missionaries they were sent to Evangeline an area in the northern part of the Congo Evangelistic Mission field.

Faced with the situation of having neither emission station, dwelling house or even a company of Christian natives around them, they got down to the task of clearing the ten feet high grass, scrub trees  and uneven ground. After first building a shelter of poles and grass from the bush, which served as a place of worship, they began in earnest the evangelization of the Basongi tribe in that area.

Many were the hardships suffered and the privations endured as this young couple quietly struggled on in those early days, but God’s blessing was upon the venture, and as they made known to the folk, who were sitting in darkness the old, old story of a Saviour’s love, they were richly rewarded in seeing a thriving and zealous community of Christians brought into being

In the next few years John and Ruth with God’s help accomplished much at Katea, for they were able to build a mission house, a church building, a hospital, a day school and a girls’ home. If this wasn’t enough, John and Ruth also pioneered and established many other churches in remote villages. During this time of missionary endeavor John and Ruth were supported by the Millpool Hill church who felt it a privilege to have shared in this great work for God.

Church Ministers 

Over the years the church has been led by men called and gifted by God (often referred to in Biblical terms as shepherds) to both lead and feed the people of God (the flock). Ministry is often for a season and some seasons are longer than others, however each minister at Millpool Hill church has faithfully played their part encouraging the church and helping it to develop under God’s gracious hand.
– Leslie Mantle  (1939 – 1960)
– John Emmett (1960 – 1986)
– Leslie Emmett  (September 1979  – September  2017)
– Richard Pidgley  (October 2017 to present day)