Life Groups


A growing church with lots of different people attending it can be really exciting. However people can also appear anonymous and sometimes feel lonely in a crowd.

Life Groups provide a positive and inclusive opportunity for everyone to ‘connect’ with others through being part of a small interest based group. These interest based groups can often revolve around various things from walking, fishing, golfing and exercising to reading, photography, painting, crafting, baking and dining out.

Life groups typically meet during the week at the time and place that suits them the best. Life groups are an important way for us all to grow in our community through friendship, care and support. Life groups not only encourage us to participate in our interests and enjoy ‘doing life together’ but also provides opportunities for prayer, encouragement, Bible awareness and praise to God organically rather than just being organised. Life groups present an expression of Jesus in our communities which can be a powerful outreach to others as our culture is of love, welcome and acceptance, being inclusive and not exclusive.